Experience and Services

The company owners and key-staff are engaged in the Albanian infrastructure sector for several decades some key staff even before 1990. Today, plan-consult covers all aspects of engineering or architectural intervention. Project experience refers to:

  • Design and Supervision of installation works of public water supply and sanitation systems including urban networks, overland pipe tracks and supply lines as well as treatment plants for fresh water and sewage
  • Design and Supervision of Construction Works of buildings of public administration like schools, training centres, law courts, police education academies and sports halls
  • Design and Supervision of constructions of landfills for hazardous and urban waste
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Studies
  • Geological and Hydro-geological Studies and Engineering Expertise
  • Institutional Strengthening for public enterprises in the water sector including training measures on engineering, financial and economical operation



Working for international financing agencies like EU, World Bank, KfW, UNDP as well as for private Investors.


plan-consult is equipped with all obligatory licenses for design and supervision. Most recently, the license for landfill designs and encapsulations was issued.
plan-consult holds an ISO 9001 certificate.