About Us

Our company plan-consult is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to working with all levels of government to deliver planning and design solutions. We are familiar in the water and the environmental sector. Furthermore, various kind of architectural building design is always a pleasure for us. To close the circuit, construction supervision projects are one of our most famous routines.

All services of plan-consult including design and supervision are fully licensed according to Albanian law. Kujtim Sevrani as technical director also holds an individual license for Environmental Impact Assessment, granted by the Ministry of Environment. Also, plan-consult holds an ISO 9001|2008 certificate.



Working for international financing agencies like EU, World Bank, KfW, UNDP as well as for private Investors.


plan-consult is equipped with all obligatory licenses for design and supervision. Most recently, the license for landfill designs and encapsulations was issued.
plan-consult holds an ISO 9001 certificate.